Small Regulatory Review Board Wisconsin is Open for Business


2013 Report
In 2011, Governor Walker issued an executive order reforming the Small Business Regulatory Review Board.  The Board existed before the Governor’s executive order, but few rules ever went to the Board and a majority of its members were agency staff.  The reformed Board consists of seven small business owners or representatives that serve 3-year terms.  There is also one state representative and one senator.

The purpose of the revamped Board is to give small business owners a seat at the table when discussing state regulations.  In the past, agencies haven’t always considered the heavy burden that certain regulations place on small businesses.  The Small Business Regulatory Review Board will help get buy-in for rules and regulations from employers, assist state agencies in promulgating rules that are realistic, and ultimately grow jobs in Wisconsin.

“To create more jobs, employers told us they also need help cutting through the red tape of government,” said Governor Walker.  “The Small Business Regulatory Review Board has the authority to review every rule in all of our state agencies. They will work to remove antiquated and unnecessary regulations that pose a threat to creating new jobs.”

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